About Us

In 2013 a group of long established and experienced BPO providers in Ireland met with one question in mind; ‘if we work together, can we achieve more?

The vibrant Irish BPO industry sector is ever evolving and adapting to embrace new channels, new technologies and new ways of selling. The sector represents over 7,000 jobs in Ireland and growing.

Separately,  we were marketing internationally a similar message to the same decision makers in large organisations with Business Process Management (PBM) and outsource requirements. Individually, we would present on why Ireland is such a great location and why the management and teams’ years of experience in CX delivery make us a great choice for complex and evolving outsourcing.

So, in 2014, the Crios Group was formed with 1 clear main mission:-

‘The Crios Group will actively promote and develop the BPO and CX* sector in Ireland’

When it comes to finding a BPO partner in Ireland, this cluster initiative was founded to develop a brand to facilitate the promotion of the indigenous Irish BPO/BEO industry internationally.

Crios Booth flat

The Cluster are all Trusted Partners:

  • Track record of success
  • Multilingual
  • Reliability
  • Talent
  • Process integrity
  • Data privacy
  • Secure IP environment
  • Multi jurisdictional


We are a group of high performance Business Process Outsourcing companies from Ireland that partner with international corporations to deliver unparalleled customer service experiences.

We provide business leaders and BPO selection executives with an immediate and single access point for a ready, flexible yet standardised and highly professional partnering solution for their customer contact needs services and experience in all major sectors including Finance, Pubic sector, Tech, Utility and Communication.


The Crios Group Advantage

What’s so different?

This member led group will

  • Advise on the best partner for your needs
  • Work with networks, associations and state agencies to support the development of the BPO sector and educate where needed.
  • Promote partnership opportunities between EI and IDA client companies.
  • Ensure that the needs of the BPO sector are recognised, identified and taken into account for all initiatives
  • Ensure that new emerging Global BPO trends are identified and leveraged.
  • Maximise and sustain employment in the BPO sector
  • Share best practice, standards and benchmarking to raise the capabilities and quality across the entire sector.
  • Identify industry transformational change initiatives: innovation in business process, business models, technologies, productivity enhancements, re‐skilling and up‐skilling nationally and on a global scale.
  • Work to improve the international tendering capability and promote the usage of new technologies.

The companies that make up this BPO / Contact Centre Cluster compete with each other very actively in the Irish market but have recognised the value in setting aside home-market competitive challenges /concerns to bring the collective strengths to bear on the development of international market opportunities and the reputation and perception of BPO brand Ireland.