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Established in 1997 and now Ireland’s leading Business Process Management provider. We employ over 2,000 people in our operations in Cork and Dublin, as well as staff based on-site in client organisations in Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Kildare and Galway.
We provide high-quality solutions for Customer Engagement, Identity & Validation and Customer Management Consultancy to leading public and private sector organisations across regulated sectors.

Our focus is on designing services that deliver better outcomes for our clients and their customers. We work with trusted brands to provide a great customer experience and deliver long-term, transformational partnerships.

The customer is always at the centre of how we deliver service. We achieve this through a combination of great people, appropriate technologies and smart processes. This approach is aligned with our clients’ objectives to optimise value for money, offer flexible delivery models and provide a great customer experience.


Areas of Expertise

Customer Engagement

  • Overview
    • Putting the customer at the centre of everything we do is core to our approach. This is achieved by investing in the right people, processes and technologies to deliver better outcomes for clients and a better service experience for customers.
    • We deliver channels that make it easy for customers to access the services they need in an easy and compliant way.
    • We empower people to champion customers by being open and compliant and by sharing their hands-on know-how and expertise.
  • Key Services
    • Sales
      • We have consistently transferred high performance sales into regulated sectors such as Energy, Utilities and Insurance;
      • Our experience and capability is “selling into the home” – acquiring and retaining customers in utilities from electricity to broadband, and in insurance – from health to GI.
    • Service
      • Today’s customers want convenience. They want to access services quickly and easily in their channel of choice.
      • We support our clients by offering an end-to-end service across voice and digital channels
      • We understand the customer journey and use that insight to deliver a better, more seamless service experience.
      • We specialise in the application of technology to deliver compelling self-service options to customers.

Identity and Validation

  • Overview
    • We have extensive experience in the management of services requiring application, adjudication and validation, across highly regulated markets.
    • From licensing to grant processing, registrations and claims handling, we offer paper application processing online
    • We make it easier for customers to access services while also significantly reducing the cost base to deliver and improving the service quality.
  • Key Services
    • Application processing
      • Today’s customers want a prompt and personalised service and, regardless of their engagement channel, they trust that their data will be handled in a secure and efficient manner;
      • We can partner with our clients to bring their current application processing services to an online platform.
    • Validation and Verification
      • Our extensive experience enables us to deliver services that include validation, authentication and entitlement adjudication of individuals, including grant processing, registrations and claims handling;
      • Our end-to-end validation workflow process has a global accreditation and incorporates data cleansing, document validation checking and secure archiving and storage;
      • We leverage the experience of our highly specialist teams to build and deliver technology platforms
      • Across our estate we validate and verify thousands of customer records on a daily basis in dedicated and secure processing facilities.
    • Assessment and Adjudication
      • Our assessment and adjudication process delivers skilled, specialist teams working to recognised standards, to review applications and determine entitlement to services including grants applications, licenses processing and payments;
      • We have extensive experience of delivering these services in highly regulated environments;
      • These services are designed to promote a high level of confidence to clients and their customers that decisions are accurate, timely and in line with process governance;
      • We deliver governance through robust controls and checks backed up by regular internal and external audits across the delivery of these services.

Customer Management Consultancy

  • Overview
    • We deliver Business Process Management (BPM) services to clients across Financial Services, Government Services, Utilities, Transport and Health.
    • We have access to a range of skilled and experienced practitioners including service operations delivery, data analytics and technology innovation where our team of BPM consultants can focus on the design of service models that deliver strong outcomes to the customer.
  • Key Services
    • Customer Strategy
      • We engage customers with the right conversations and on the right mix of channels, leveraging the most appropriate digital and automated technologies;
      • Our Customer Journey Planning and Voice of the Customer capability enables us to tap into what customers want, and informing channel strategies.
    • People & Organisation
      • Customer focused organisational design with a team of people that has the right experience and values to align with the client business and their brand.
      • We design organisational models and business processes with the customer front and centre, putting the right measures in place to benchmark what success looks like from the customer viewpoint.
    • Project Management
      • We support client organisations with a safe pair of hands and leveraging our experience to manage change, reduce risk and lower overall costs during service transitioning and implementation.
    • Technology & Innovation
      • With our Plan, Build, Run approach we design technology solutions that are both cost effective and innovative; technology that enables customers to experience an engaging, secure and compliant engagement.
    • Compliance
      • Compliance and security during the handling of customer data is central to the design of every solution we develop and every service we deliver.
      • With an increase in regulation in many of our key markets, we advise on the delivery of compliant services using industry standard methodologies that support a best practice in this domain.

Quality Accreditation

Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland: We are an agency regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for insurance/reinsurance

ISO 9001 Quality Management System: We are accredited to this standard since August 2013

ISO 27001: Information Security Management Certification achieved and maintained since June 2012

PCI DSS: We have the highest level of compliance – PCI Compliance Level 1 – which authorised us to process over six million credit card transactions annually

SAS 70: We achieved an exception free SAS 70 for Financial Reconciliation Processes

Registered Data Processor: Registered under the guidelines of the Data Protection Commissioner