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Voxpro is a multilingual Business Excellence Outsourcer (BEO) working with the world’s biggest and most revolutionary companies to deliver beautiful customer experience and technical support.

Voxpro employs over 1,500 people between its headquarters in Cork and offices in Dublin, San Francisco and Sacramento. The past year has been a year of massive growth for the company with the opening of their U.S. Operational Centre of Excellence in Sacramento and the announcement of a further 400 jobs to their Irish operations. Their ever growing client list includes iconic tech companies such as Google, Airbnb, Nest, Stripe and Etsy.

Voxpro is disrupting its industry by providing a fresh, goal-oriented, customer-centric approach to delivering the optimum customer experience.



• Customer Support
• Technical Support
• Trust & Safety
• Product Insights
• Social Media Support
• Process Improvement
• Knowledge Base Management
• Sales
• Account Management
• Content Management & Creation
• Work Force Management

Areas of Expertise

Customer and Technical Support

We only work with brands we love and who want to deliver the best customer experience in the world! Customer and technical support is our forte, over the past 20 years we have developed CX models that have transformed businesses and developed our clients’ customers into advocates. We are proud to boast that we are the world’s best provider of customer experience on an ongoing basis for our clients when measured across all vendors in each of their portfolios based on our CSAT and NPS scores and judged across our >20 million transactions per year.

Trust & Safety – Safeguarding the Community

Voxpro has developed a mature and robust trust and safety programme for many of our clients and we are passionate about creating a safe and fun experience for all our client’s customers.

We safeguard our clients communities from actions that have been flagged as inappropriate or violating our client’s community guidelines via both proactive and reactive support. Our proactive support involves proactive security checks and vetting of flagged/suspicious accounts that are designed with the intention of duping users. Our team reviews all flagged accounts to ensure all accounts have met the client’s standards to uphold the company’s integrity.

The reactive support team deals with emergency situations and crisis management. This team provides a quick, level headed response to these situations and are able to mediate and give assurances to the affected customer.

We innately understand the importance of safety within a user community, and are commited to safeguarding our clients’ customers.

Product Insights

As a rapidly scaling business, one of the most valuable but often overlooked assets of a business is their customers. The ability to harness insights from your CX teams to develop out your product or service, or to identify critical bugs, is a huge advantage that isn’t always taken capitalised on.

Our product insight specialists collate insights from customers on how to make the client’s product or service more user friendly, they then feed this information back to the client in the form of suggested enhancements or improvements that can solve the customer problem. Through these product insights, really valuable suggestions are made that ultimately create a more user friendly experience for customers.

Knowledge Base Development

Developing a comprehensive and up to date knowledge base for your customers is a key step in building a beautiful customer experience. We have vast experience creating and managing global knowledge bases; we have a team of content developers who work tirelessly to both create and update content related our clients’ products, ensuring that with each product update, the knowledge base is still fully comprehensive and relevant for the customer.

Quality Accreditation

Voxpro was awarded an EN 15838 Certification in 2015 and 2016 from NSAI as a result of a strong commitment to continuous improvement.

In addition Voxpro have been awarded many industry and business awards including:

CMMA– “Outsource Partner of The Year” 2015

Deloitte Best Managed 2016 – Gold Standard Award

Eir Elevation Fast Company Awards 2015 – Grand Prix Award Winner