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A Spotlight on Ireland’s World-Class Tech Centres

Irish companies are significantly benefiting from market-focused research and development carried out by a network of technology centres jointly sponsored by IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland. Ireland has a world-class ecosystem of multinational companies, cutting-edge start-up companies and technology centres. This eco-system is working together to solve real problems in many different sectors and industries. In this blog, we explore a few of the leading tech centres who really are leading the way with innovative solutions and offerings to both large, multinational firms and small yet scaling start-ups.



CeADAR is Ireland’s national centre for Applied Data Analytics & AI. CeADAR is a market-focused technology centre for innovation and applied research in AI, Machine Learning and Data Analytics across all sectors. The centre is based in University College Dublin, Ireland. The centre has particular strengths in; predictive analytics, machine and deep learning, real-time analytics, text analytics, data visualization and blockchain and smart contracts.

CeADAR has some of the world’s industry-leading companies as industry members such as; Deloitte, Vodafone, Dell, Deutsche Bank, AIG, Indeed and PwC. CeADAR was recently selected by the EU as Ireland’s AI digital innovation hub. The centre is providing many companies with industry leading solutions and innovations, fostering a real collaborative approach to meeting the needs and solving problems with many businesses across a range of sectors.


Learnovate is a research and innovation centre focused on EdTech and learning technologies. With over twenty full-time researchers and practitioners, Learnovate has one of the richest concentrations of EdTech expertise in Europe. Learnovate’s mission is to enhance the competitive advantage of Ireland’s learning technology industry and maximise the success organisations derive from using learning technology effectively.

The centre is based in Trinity College Dublin’s Technology & Enterprise Campus. The centre partners with some of the most successful and recognizable companies in the world like; Accenture, Microsoft and Intel as well as some cutting-edge EdTech start-ups. The centre supported 93 companies in 2018. The centre’s services include research and innovation services, digital transformation and learning innovation.

Innovation Value Institute

Organizations need proven tools, processes and metrics to measure the total capability of the IT function to achieve a value driven and professional approach to IT value management. Innovation Value Institute (IVI) was co-founded in 2006 by Maynooth University and Intel to meet this need and create a global standard for IT management – the IT Capability Maturity Framework. The institute is based in Maynooth University, just a 25 minute drive from Dublin City.

The institute partners with many leading global organisations such as EY, BP, Cisco, Lloyds Bank Group and BNY Mellon. IVI provides a range of IT assessments for companies such as IT Effectiveness, GDPR Readiness, Cloud Adoption and Cyber Security. IVI also recently launched it’s new Digital Transformation programme that will transform organisations in 4 short steps.


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