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Artificial Intelligence in the Contact Centre

Over the years, contact centres have been one of the first departments to implement new technologies. As customers demand shorter resolution times, contact centres have discovered that Artificial Intelligence not only improves productivity, but it also improves customer interactions. Therefore, the introduction of Artificial Intelligence could be considered the perfect addition to the contact centre. Here are some of the features of Artificial Intelligence in the contact centre:

Managing Big Data: 

Each day, contact centres process and accumulate vast amounts of customer data. In fact, the contact centre could be considered the richest store of customer data. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence works best when dealing with a large amount of data, making the contact centre the ideal place to implement Artificial Intelligence.

Customers are often frustrated when they have to repeat their personal details to an agent on multiple occasions. With the right type of automation, an agent can get all of the customer’s information the first time they look up the customer’s details. This feature mutually benefits the customer and the agent. The agent doesn’t have to spend time inputing the customer’s information and the customer doesn’t have to waste valuable time repeating their information. Artificial Intelligence therefore, assists with strengthening the relationship between the customer and agent.


Chatbots are changing the role of the customer service agent. Chatbots allow customers to get immediate answers to common questions. As more customers get self- service by chatbots, productivity in the contact centre increases, as the use of chatbots reduce the mundane tasks for agents. Instead, calls that are slightly more complex get diverted to agents, meaning the agent can focus completely on satisfying and managing customer relationships.

Predicting Consumer Behaviour:

With AI powered analytics, it will allow new trends in customer behaviour to be identified and predicted at early stages in their development. Based on this insight, contact centres will be able to manage emerging customer needs and expectations more effectively. The ability to anticipate and spot trends in customer data will enable call centres to model best practices and also predict the outcome of a particular course of action. By using AI to predict customer behaviour, better decision making can be made in relation to resource planning and sales and marketing planning.

Will Artificial Intelligence kill the contact centre?

Although it can be argued that Artificial Intelligence will dominate the contact centre industry, the fact of the matter, is that humans still want to talk to other humans. While Artificial Intelligence might improve call center efficiency, it cannot replicate the same empathy and comprehension of human beings. As human beings, we long for human interactions, particularly if we encounter a problem. It is much more reassuring to hear a human’s voice than an automated response when we are seeking assistance.

However, change is inevitable and it is evident that Artificial Intelligence can do incredible things. Failure to implement AI, could result in a missed opportunity for the contact centre. However, with improvements in technology, the significance of human interaction should not be neglected entirely.


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