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Crios Group member, Voxpro, to create 400 jobs in Cork, Ireland


Voxpro, which provides multilingual customer and technical support to international clients, is to take its workforce to more than 1,400 with the massive expansion in Cork.  Established by Dan and Linda Kiely 20 years ago, the company lists Google, Airbnb, Nest, Etsy, Stripe, Red Bubble and Weebly among its big global brands and its staff do business in 18 languages.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny made the announcement  on 20th of November 2015.

“The Government is determined to maintain a positive environment for enterprise to grow and create new jobs so that we can keep the recovery going,” he said.  “It is companies like Voxpro that are leading the charge in Ireland’s recovery. Creating jobs at home, expanding internationally and creating an excitement about the innovation coming out of Ireland.”

Voxpro has three centres in Cork and offices in Dublin, San Francisco, and Folsom, California where it plans to hire 700 staff in the next 18 months.   Chief executive Mr Kiely said: “Linda and I are so proud to stand before you today marking the announcement of 400 new jobs at Voxpro.  ” With team members from more than 26 countries, transacting business in as many as 18 different languages, our multilingual graduate talent pool is undoubtedly the key to our success.”

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