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Ireland’s BPO Capability

Why choose Ireland?

Ireland has been an established location for delivering Customer Service Excellence in Business Process Outsourcing and Customer Contact Outsourcing.Over the past number of years Ireland has established itself as a destination of choice for multinational companies. Many of the world’s global and recognised brands across a range of industry sectors already have considerable operations in Ireland, such as Google, Microsoft and Pfizer.

Ireland has a clear value proposition as a premium location for all types of Business Process Management. Ireland is recognised as a mature and proven BPO environment working seamlessly with offshore solutions. In fact, Ireland stands in the top 15 of easiest places to do business with.

In terms of Ireland’s BPO capability, the factors that enable Ireland to be recognised as a positive destination for BPO are:

  • Ireland has a highly educated workforce that are young, flexible and mobile
  • Ireland has an excellent proven record, as multichannel operations are continuing to expand their facilities in Ireland as a result of the profitability and success of their Irish operators.
  • Ireland will be the only native English-speaking country in the EU post Brexit

1. Centres of Excellence:

Companies often look to outsource to reduce and control operating costs, to increase in-house efficiency or to allow you to focus on your core business activities and to improve customer experience.Changes in consumer behaviour, follows changes in consumer’s expectations. Consumer’s expectations are greater than ever and have completely changed the face of customer service. Customers are seeking improved customer service and increased company engagement through new channels.

Customer contact centres in Ireland are serving customers globally, with some now known as “Centres of Excellence” in providing exceptional customer experience and customer service.  Members of the Crios group are very much customer centric and put our clients and customers at the heart of the organisation. Our members are focused on tailoring their services to meet the individual needs of their clients to deliver first class service.

2. Serving global markets

The wealth of talent in Ireland’s customer contact centres are serving customers across the globe. According to a survey conducted by Deloitte Consulting, the leading region’s served by Ireland include the UK, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the US and Canada. This global reach means that there is a need for Customer Service Representatives to be able to deliver a range of languages to meet our client’s expectations in their chosen markets.  Out of seven members of our group, four members including, Arema Connect, Arise Europe, Interaction Europe and Zevas all provide multi-lingual support for their clients.

Enterprise Ireland partnered with the following companies to create the Crios Group initiative in 2014. When it comes to finding a BPO Partner in Ireland, this group was founded to develop a brand to facilitate the promotion of the Irish BPO industry internationally. Our members include:

As a group we are proud to be able to offer a comprehensive range of BPO services to all of our clients. Among our members we have 24 by 7 support capabilities, multi-lingual support and financial and technical support. We are confident that either individually or as a collective we can offer our clients a solution that will meet their customer and BPO requirements.

3. Advancements in Technology:

Customer contact organisations in Ireland are making it a priority to invest in leading edge technology.  Members of the Crios group recognise the significance of technology, as it enables customers to experience an engaging, secure and compliant engagement. Abtran, for example specialise in the application of technology to deliver compelling self-service options. Our members continually keep on top of the latest generation of technology for phone, web and other media. For example, Rigney Dolphin now offers a fully automated intelligent virtual assistant solution that enables human-like interactions to increase self-service.

One of our member’s Fexco also place huge emphasis on the significance of technology driven solutions. They have over 200 IT professionals across multiple sites working to ensure that they are using industry leading technology components to deliver a best in class service to all of their clients.

The Crios Group cluster is an innovative group of Customer Contact solution providers who have some of the world’s leading companies as clients. Please click here to find out more about the Crios Group Members.