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Psychology in telemarketing telesales

One of the key disciplines that facilitates the working of a call centre and everything included in this, is, without any doubt, an understanding of human behaviour and motivations. In this line of business, more than just understanding what the prospect needs, a professional must be able, to a certain degree, predict the behaviour and understand the “mechanics” of the decision making process of a person. Only then can a salesperson effectively pursue a lead.

Luckily, although we are living in a very diverse society, people are really predictable, whether they realise it or not.
Today we are going to talk about companies that are actually selling a product or a service, and are looking for an outbound call centre to help them increase revenue, rather than raise awareness or improve the brand. We are going to refer to this company as ”the seller”.

What the seller needs to understand is that, in purchasing, people are following some behavioural patterns, all based on a few simple psychological principles. In a call centre, staff are intensively trained to understand a potential the client’s motivations or reasons to buy, having this understanding can help any seller in all related sales activities.

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