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Why Ireland is the ideal location for all your outsourcing needs!

Ireland is a giant in the world of customer contact centres. This blog explores some of the main reasons why Ireland is an excellent location to consider if you are planning to outsource your CX needs to an Irish partner!

1. Business friendly:

With it’s open and accommodating business environment, Ireland ranks in the the top 15 places to do business with. Ireland has been recognised as one of ‘the call centre capitals of the world’, which is evidenced by the number of companies that have located contact centres in Ireland over the last decade, including, Facebook, Google and Amazon. Ireland’s location also means that it physically sits between America and Europe and Ireland’s business culture suits both US and European Companies.

2. Educated workforce:

Ireland has always been regarded as centre of excellence for education. Ireland has a highly educated workforce that are young, flexible and mobile. In fact according to the IDA, Ireland ranks in the top 10 globally for Quality of the Education System. According to the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2016, Ireland is ranked as #1 among a list of 60 countries in terms of “flexibility and adaptability of the workforce” and #1 for “National culture open to foreign ideas”.

3. Multi-lingual skills:

Ireland also have strong multi-lingual capabilities as the presence of multinational companies and the country’s openness to immigration has attracted newcomers with a wide variety of languages spoken. Companies who are seeking native speakers of different languages can easily reach them directly or through countless local recruiting firms.

The wealth of talent in Ireland’s customer contact centres are serving customers across the globe. This global reach means that there is a need for Customer Service Representatives to be able to deliver a range of languages to meet client’s expectations in their chosen markets.

Four of our members of the Crios Group provide multi-lingual support, ensuring that for each engagement, the agent is delivering superior customer service for their client’s customers. The outsourcing industry in Ireland operates 24 by 7, so whether you are in the East or West coast we are always available to speak to your customers in your own language.

Ireland will also be the only native English speaking country post-Brexit, which is an important consideration for companies seeking to outsource in Ireland.

4. Productivity of Irish workers:

Based on a recent report from the OECD, Irish workers have been ranked the most productive in the world, adding an average of €87 to the value of the economy every hour they work. These impressive productivity statistics should reassure any multinational corporation, that Ireland is an excellent location to do business in and that Irish workers are among the hard-working and competent in the world.

The Crios Group cluster is an innovative group of Customer Contact solution providers who have some of the world’s leading companies as clients. Please click here to find out more about the Crios Group Members.