For more than 20 years Ireland has been at the forefront of delivering Customer Service Excellence in BPO (i.e. Business Process Outsourcing) and Customer Contact Outsourcing in Ireland Europe, EMEA and the world. As early as 1998, Ireland was called the ‘call centre capital of Europe’ already seen as a country developing a niche ability, resource and technology in the delivery of a best in class customer contact experience. Brands like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Hub spot, Twitter, Airbnb, Citibank, Paypal to name a small few. Today, over 30,000 people work in the industry, with a huge majority of global brands choosing to locate their Customer experience and service teams in Ireland.

In 2017, Ireland has a clear value proposition as a premium location for all types of Business Process Management and execution:

  • A hot bed presence of leading global companies
  • A mature and growing talent capabilities across finance, customer contact, technology and multilingual / multi- jurisdictional environments
  • A competitive unit cost
  • High quality in a stable economic environment
  • Mature & Proven onshore BPO environment working seamlessly with offshore solutions
  • Ireland is the only English (as a first language) speaking country in the Eurozone