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Learn why Ireland was given the title ‘call centre capital  of Europe’  in the 90s  and has evolved in to a global leader  in mixed media CX and BPO design and execution.



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18 Jun

Why Ireland is the ideal location for all your outsourcing needs!

Ireland is a giant in the world of customer contact centres. This blog explores some of the main reasons why Ireland is an excellent location to consider if you are planning to outsource your CX needs to an Irish partner! 1. Business friendly: With it’s open and accommodating business environment, Ireland ranks in the the

18 Jun

Artificial Intelligence in the Contact Centre

Over the years, contact centres have been one of the first departments to implement new technologies. As customers demand shorter resolution times, contact centres have discovered that Artificial Intelligence not only improves productivity, but it also improves customer interactions. Therefore, the introduction of Artificial Intelligence could be considered the perfect addition to the contact centre.

18 Jun

How GDPR is impacting the Customer Contact Industry

  The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) had an impact on all sectors and businesses sizes. The regulation was implemented on the 25th of May 2018 and has changed the way in which organisations operate. Each day, contact centres process and accumulate vast amounts of personal customer data. In fact, the contact centre could be