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Learn why Ireland was given the title ‘call centre capital  of Europe’  in the 90s  and has evolved in to a global leader  in mixed media CX and BPO design and execution.




Latest Updates

23 Mar

5 key emerging technology trends which will transform business

Companies are adjusting to the new world order where people want things immediately, want brands to represent their personalities and want easier ways of communicating with large multinationals. Innovation and emerging technologies are both driving this change and enabling it. According to Accenture’s Technology Vision 2019 survey, 45% of businesses surveyed report the pace of innovation in

23 Mar

Ireland’s BPO Capability

Why choose Ireland? Ireland has been an established location for delivering Customer Service Excellence in Business Process Outsourcing and Customer Contact Outsourcing.Over the past number of years Ireland has established itself as a destination of choice for multinational companies. Many of the world’s global and recognised brands across a range of industry sectors already have

23 Mar

Top Takeaways from ‘Future of Utilities’ event

Last week’s ‘Future of Utilities’ conference in London brought together leaders and senior Utilities professionals to discuss the challenges, opportunities and the future of today’s fast-changing Utilities landscape. In this blog post, Abtran Sales Director Brian O’Brien shares his top takeaways from this compelling event: 1. Focus on CX Today’s Customers have significantly higher service